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Thread: Laser-Cut 12v Fan Mount Kits

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    Laser-Cut 12v Fan Mount Kits

    Laser-Cut 12v Fan Mount Kits

    My laser-cut fan mounts are a handy way to position 12v air circulation fans in your setups. They attach easily to any clean glass surface with heavy-duty suction cups. Here are the models available top match popular case fan sizes.

    40mm Fan Mount Kit - $6.50
    60mm Fan Mount Kit - $7
    80mm Fan Mount Kit - $7.50

    Each single kit includes the following items:

    Clear Acrylic Fan Mount Plate
    TWO Heavy-duty Suction Cups
    FIVE Light Plastic Zip Ties

    Purchase two or more in any combination of fan mount kits and they will ship free!

    Internal fan air circulation is usually used for dart frog vivs and orchid enclosures, but could also be handy for carnivorous plants. It looks like there are also some vivarium/terrarium enthusiasts here.

    I do not currently offer other fan components, but I can recommend a few places to shop for fans, 12v power sources and wire connectors. Just send me a PM!
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