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Thread: Plants for sale and trade

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    Plants for sale and trade

    Lowland to intermediate climates are best for all these listed

    reinwardtiana x splendid diana $75

    Witeii $50

    Splendid Diana (female) $35

    Alata x maxima $25

    IXN4. $45

    Mirabilis x Alata. $30

    mirabilis black x gracilis $25

    Luzon #1 $25

    Mirabilis x palawanensis $25

    mirabilis x David Parkyn $30

    Not exactly sure what it is but my best guess is a N. Mirabilis from the Philippines

    Got this plant labeled N. Lang $50 comes with 1 basil and 1í vine xxl plant
    I think itís a mirabilis x ampullaria but Iím not certain

    All plants will be shipped out of North Port Florida any questions or offers pm me Iím interested in highland plants , large truncata , anything that I donít have posted , will trade a couple plants for 1 open to everything .
    Happy growing

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