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Thread: Nepenthes for sale

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    Nepenthes for sale

    I have a couple plants that are up for sale , trade is possible depending on what you have available

    2 -witeii basils available $25 ea

    2 -mirabilis x thorelii by David Parkyn $25 ea

    1- mirabilis (black) x gracilis $20

    1- mirabilis x alata $20

    1-Luzon #1 $20

    1- ventricosa x edinensis $35

    1- maxima (curtisii) $30

    2- mirabilis x Lang rooted cutting $17 ea

    2 -very large Miranda basils $42 ea

    1- gracilis philippinensis $20

    1- maxima x alata $25

    1- Ventricosa Madja Red $17

    1- ventricosa (squat) x maxima $38

    1- reinwardtiana red $35

    1- mirabilis var. globosa x winged mirabilis $30

    All plants are the exact plants shown in pictures. The price of the plant doesn’t include shipping any questions feel free to message me. Will be moving in a couple months and need to down size for the move.
    A couple highland plants will be added in a couple days once I get some time to take current pictures!
    Thanks , happy growing!!

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    Do you still have 1- ventricosa x edinensis $35 a available?
    If so, I would like to purchase it.

    I am new to Nepenthes. I have experience with sarrincenia and drosera. In your pics, I see you have them in a greenhouse..I think. Would these plants be ok next to a window getting filtered light?

    Thank you,

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    Would you be able to ship to India?
    Balcony farmer, carnivorous plants, DIY, sustainability, socio-political commentary India.

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