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This will be my last trade list of the season. I'm interested in any CP I don't grow.

Here is what I have for trade
B. liniflora seeds 5 packs

C. follicularis 2 Plants

D. californica 1 Plant

D. muscipula 5 plants
D. muscipula ‘Big Mouth’ 1
D. muscipula ‘clumping cultivar’ 1
D. muscipula ‘Cup Trap’ 1
D. muscipula "Dente" 2
D. muscipula ‘fused tooth’ 3
D. muscipula “German Dentate” 2
D. muscipula ‘Green Dragon’ 3

D. adelae 2
D. admirabilis Palmiet River, RSA A1 2
D. binata 2
D. burmannii Beerwah, QLD 3
D. capensis 5
D. dichotoma "Giant" 5
D. dielsiana 2
D. filiformis 1
D. intermedia 2
D. intermedia “Cuba” 1
D. intermedia Brazil 2
D. nidiformis 3
D. Marston Dragon 1
D. multifida "Extrema" 3
D. sessilifolia 5
D. spatulata 5
D. spatulata Borneo 3
D. spatulata ‘Lovellae’ 4
D. tokaiensis 2
D. sp. ‘Zimbabwe, Chimanimani Mints’ 5

D. nitidula ssp omissa 2
D. pygmaea 2
D. scorpioides 2
D. paleacea roseana 5
D. nitidula ssp. nitidula x D. pygmaea W.A. South coast form 5 D. occidentalis var australis "Warriup Form" 2 D. ericksoniae x pulchella 5 D. callistos WEO-49 bm Brookton form 3 D. nitidula ssp. nitidula 3 D. dichrosepala ssp. enoedes 2

Drosophyllum the plant has flowered and seed pods are swelling

Nepenthes Unrooted cutting
N. alata "boschiana mimic" 2
N. albomarginata "spotted” 1
N. ampullaria CR-29 ‘Red’ BE 1
N. ampullaria ‘spotted’ 1
N. bellii 1
N. clipeata clone #1 1
N. gracilis "typical" 3
N. gracilis “nigrapurpurea” 2
N. gracilis purple 2
N. rafflesiana 'Singapore Giant' 1
N. reinwardtiana Bau MT 2
N. copelandii 1
N. macfarlanei x ? MT 1
N. mikei BE 1
N. muluensis 1
N. sanguinea ‘Orange’ 2
N. spectabilis (G. baudasara) 2
N. tentaculata 1
N. ventricosa black/purple peristome 1
N. x alata x maxima from Joseph Anselmo 2
N. x Coccinea 2
N. x gracilis x ampullaria 1
N. x Koto “effiugent” LHSN 2
N. x mirabilis gold x mixta superba male 1
N. x mirabilis x khasiana 2
N. x ‘Petra Giant’ male 2
N. x spathulata x maxima male 2
N. x ‘Splendiana’ Female 1
N. x ‘Superba’ Female 2
N. x thorelii x aristolochioides male 1
N. x ‘Ventrata’ 2
N. x ventricosa x so Female 2
N. x ‘Wrigleyana‘ 1

Plants or rooted cuttings
N. madagascariensis 3
N. lowii Mt. Trus Madi BE 2
N. ventricosa ‘red’ male 3

P. jaumavensis 2
P. kondoi 2
P. lusitanica 2
P. rosei PF 1

P. x ‘George Seargent’ 1
P. x ‘Pirouette’ 1

S. alata Covington LA St. Tammany Parish 1
S. alata red throat 3
S. flava 3
S. flava var. Rubricorpa Liberty Co. FL 2
S. psittacina 1

S. x alata x minor 2
S. x “Catsbaei” 2
S. x Dixie Lace 2
S. x Excellens (Meadowview) (Joe Lavrich) 1
S. x flava x purpurea 1
S. x Judith Hindle 1
S. x oreophila x flava Joe Lavrich 1
S. x rubra x minor 2

U. alpina 1
U. bisquamata 2
U. calycifida 2
U. dichotoma 2
U. fulva 4
U. graminifolia 5
U. livida 5
U. longifolia 2
U. nelumbifolia 1
U. nephrophylla 1
U. praelonga 2
U. prehensilis 2
U. sandersonii 2
U. subulata 3
U. warburgii 4

Oh BTW please no emails asking about selling the plants these are for trade only.

Trade? Is there anything you don't have?
The worst thing is that I live in Sweden and cant trade
Why don't you make a list of what you don't have? Your growlist is huge!!!
his growlist is huge but i managed to find a blank spot. not easy to do but it can be done..........................

Yeah I have plenty of "blank spot" but not for long hehe

I think I can superimpose (hope?) my grow list on top of his and mine would merely be a microcosm of his, with nothing unique on my end!

Weren't there like 66 the last time?
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hey my teeny growlist is easy to scoff at, but I found 4 "blanks" I was able to fill!

yes, I am feeling blessed and proud!  

THANKS JEREMIAH for an incredible offer!
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Yeah, I found a blank or two, also! It's not easy, but eventually I found something decent to trade that he doesn't have, and I'm working on another. LOL!

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Plants sent today.
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If I ever REALLY get into trading it should be fun. I found 146 blanks! (not counting Sarr)
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[b said:
Quote[/b] (philcula @ Oct. 12 2005,3:23)]If I ever REALLY get into trading it should be fun. I found 146 blanks! (not counting Sarr)
Show off!
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Plants sent.

I can't even imagine what his home must look like with so many CPs!
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[b said:
Quote[/b] (D muscipula @ Oct. 12 2005,4:28)]I can't even imagine what his home must look like with so many CPs!
An odd jungle, fodder for a horror movie!
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Yeah, I was proud to fill in a blank myself!
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[b said:
Quote[/b] (D muscipula @ Oct. 12 2005,2:28)]Plants sent.

I can't even imagine what his home must look like with so many CPs!
if your talking about Jeremiah, he actually doesnt have much in his house, atleast not when i was there a few months ago. just about everything was in to actually fairly small greenhouses. definatly not what i invisioned. other than his Utrics most everything was quite orderly, especially in the highland greenhouse. the lowland greenhouse was a bit of a jungle though. very nice set up, i wish i had half the room he does.
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So what Did you envision? A horizon spanning marsh bog teeming with exotic pitchers and flytraps growing on the walls? I know I did.
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lol i dont know. just wasnt what i expected. his highland greenhouse is what i was expecting just smaller than i though it would be. its what i would love to have and do. the lowland greenhouse looked like what my best effort would probably be
im guessing its the way it is cause its been setup longer and the plants have been allowed to grow out. its not quite as orderly as the highland greenhouse.

Jeremiah, do yah have any pics of both greenhouses? my memory is a lil foggy and im horrible at explaining things anyways.