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2nd South Bay Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale

April 21st marks our second South Bay Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale. A unique opportunity to see first-hand one of nature's botanical wonders: carnivorous plants. You will not only learn about these amazing plants, but also have the opportunity to bring them home with you. As long as you understand the special care that's required to grow them, most carnivorous plants can be adapted to grow in a number of places inside and outside the typical home.
At the show, you will have an opportunity to talk to carnivorous plant vendors and hobbyists alike who'll be happy to share their growing experiences with you.
We are open to the public, and there is no charge for vendors or attendees.

Local carnivorous plant vendors will be there to sell plants: Nepenthes, Sarracenia, Drosera, Darlingtonia and other carnivorous plant families will all be represented.
Distributors for some of the largest carnivorous plant nurseries: Exotica, Malaysiana Tropicals, Leilani Nurseries, Borneo Exotics and more!
Carnivorous Plant Show and Tell
Raffle and auction benefiting the Santa Teresa Public Library Branch
Potluck, refreshments and light snacks

We hope to see you there!

Event Date and Location:

Date: 4/28/2012 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00PM to 4:00PM


Santa Teresa Library
290 International Circle, San Jose, California 95119
(408) 365-5781 ‎


There is no cost to attend. Vendors are encouraged to donate items for the raffle and auction.

Raffle and Auction

A raffle will be held during the show. Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00
The auction will be held during the show where attendees are allowed to bid for plant specimens. We have some very exciting plants this year:

  • Nepenthes edwardsiana
  • Sarracenia x 'Adrian Slack'
  • Sarracenia x 'Reptilian Rose'

… and more.
100% of all proceeds from the raffle and auction benefit the Santa Teresa Branch of the San Jose Public Library.


If interested in a vendor table, please e-mail:

Gill Wichi gwichi@yahoo.com
Jeff Voth huy716@gmail.com


The Santa Teresa Library is conveniently located at the intersection of two major thoroughfares: 101 and 85 and is well serviced by both Light Rail and Valley Transportion Authority's 68 and 168 bus lines. Please refer to the information below for the best way to get to the event:

Google Maps:


Light Rail:


Take the Alum Rock/Santa Teresa line due South to its terminus at Santa Teresa. Exit the station towards Santa Teresa and go right towards Cottle Road.


The area is services by line 68 (San Jose and all points north) or 168 (Morgan Hill and all points south). Exit at the Kaiser Permanente Santa Teresa stop (Santa Teresa & Cottle) or the Santa Teresa Light Rail stop.


By car:

San Jose/Bay Area:

From 101: Take the Blossom Hill exit and go right. Make a left on Poughkeepsie and a right on Cottle. Follow Cottle until you arrive at Santa Teresa whereupon you'll make a left turn. Make a left turn onto Camino Verde Dr. and then a right turn onto International Circle - The library will be on the right.

if you're coming via 85 South: Take the Cottle exit, make a right onto Cottle Road, and immediately turn left onto Hospital Parkway, then a right onto International Circle. The library will be on the right.

Blossom Hill/Gilroy:

From 101: Take the Bernal exit and go left. Keep going on Bernal until you come upon Santa Teresa, where you'll make a right. Keep going on Santa Teresa until you see the library on the right. To reach the parking lot, make a right turn onto Camino Verde Dr and another right onto International Circle.

From 85 South: Take the Cottle exit, make a left onto Cottle Road, then a left onto Hospital Parkway, then a right on International Circle. The library is on the right.

Parking is available free of charge on Library grounds and International Drive maybe used as overflow.

Please feel free to ask questions on this thread or e-mail

Nearby Services and amenities:

Shopping Center/Food:

Santa Teresa Village
Restaurants: Subway, Carls Jr, Taco Bell, Baskin'Robbins, Flames, Sushi, Italian, Mexican, Chinese

Plaza de Santa
Restaurants: Carls Jr, Taco Bell, Hawaiian BBQ, Vietnamese, McDonalds

ATMs and Banks:

Bank of America
Wells Fargo
Bank of the West
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Oh wow this looks like a lot of fun! If only this semester ended a week or two early I would try and drive down for this.
Brooke and I have already begun calculating the cost of gas and hotel fare. By the looks of things, there's a good chance I'll be there.
._. I wanna go. Someone take pictures for me? :D
I second what EricN says. You lucky people in CA...
An Eddie? An Eddie? I am SO in!
Oh goodness, there's gonna be a riot over those auction plants...
Come hell or high water, rain, snow, tornadoes, tsunami, 10.0 earthquake, moon falling to Earth, I'll be there.
Cool! Hope to see a number of folks there. :)
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Oh cool. I'm on the wrong side of the country. Agree with the suggestion of photos. Sounds like lots of fun.
  • #11
Ill be there rain or shine...its on my birthday that is :awesome:
Cant wait to meet some of you!
  • #12
Boo it would be the same day as the ENSI teacher workshop. Hmm... both in San Jose though. I guess I know what I'm doing on the lunch break. Save me some plants!
  • #13
Boo it would be the same day as the ENSI teacher workshop. Hmm... both in San Jose though. I guess I know what I'm doing on the lunch break. Save me some plants!

Absolutely! :) Hope to see ya there. :)
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Why cant they havesomething like this on the east coast? I wish I could be there.
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I just found out that I will be missing the West Coast Dream Machines show. Again. I can't even go Sunday, because that's the monthly RC soaring contest. I'm kicking butts, so I can't miss one.

I gotta see that eddy!
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Hi folks,

This is just a reminder that the 2nd SBCPS is this weekend - April 28th from 12 noon to 4:00PM (see details in the first post). We look forward to seeing you there!
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I just want to thank Brokken for a great show! Can't wait to see what will be instore for next year! Gonna be hard to top this one!
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I didn't take any, but I'm sure someone did.
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Does anyone know how big those eddies were?