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5 free Heliamphora folliculata seed


Not Growing Up!
Jun 15, 2008
ARTificial Bog in da' Middle of da' USA
Wait a minute Butch!
Wait just one minute...!
Somethings not right here!

I see six seeds there! :0o:
WHAT! SIX SEEDS! 6! You said there was only five seeds!
Hey!.... What are you gonna do with that extra seed?

I know my eyes are bad, but I do see six there! :eek:
Not five!
Right? ....SIX! I see six!
You said there was only five!
What's going on? ???

Is this a trick? ....Is the contest fixed?
Exactly what's going on here!
What day is this? Is it April 1st already?
Are you tryin' to pull a fast one on us?

1,2,3,...4...5,6! Yup! Six seeds! Not five! SIX!
I definitely see six!
(Unless those two together are actually siamese twins, that you only count as one!)

Is your number generator gonna add one (1) to its count also? :suspect:
That may change the number I pick!
Mmmmnnnn... I'll have to give this more thought before I actually make a guess now....! :scratch:

:beer: [Yea, I'm just funning with you Butch! Totally!] :-))
Nice contest! Very good project for someone to grow these out from seed.
:usa2: I applaud your generosity here too. :clap:
(For it wasn't that long ago when no one could even get their hands on any Heli's, anywhere! And yet here you are giving someone the opportunity to grow 5 ...er...maybe 6 plants!)
Very nice!

Well, I will have to pass for now. But then... I have till friday to change my mind!
Jan 19, 2007
yes you do and yes you do.... this pic is just representative of the harvest, these may or may not be the exact seed you get

omg paul... :p
u brat!