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A Byblis survivors' tale


carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
Nov 17, 2011
So I typically let my Byblis liniflora die off over the winter and just replant come spring. Saves me space in an already cluttered apt. So I had set a couple 4" pots containing a few plants on a lower shelf and pretty much forgot about them for the most part. Not even sure if I was watering them once a month. The waterings that did occur were more due to having water in hand at the time while I happened to be in the area. Needless to say, most of the plants died. But I had one survivor in each pot that refused to "kick the bucket" (or perhaps pot, as the case may be). Said survivors were nothing more than green leafless stems. But green they were, and dewy too. So I continued with the scant waterings. Thus the abusive relationship continued through the dreary winter months. As of last month, with spring and plants more on my mind, I started getting a bit better with regards to watering these two lone survivors. One has started to develop a side branch/ new growth point. Not sure if the other will follow suit but it is still alive.

But the story continues. Since spring is on its way, I wanted to do a bit of sowing ...knowing that seeds can take some time to germinate. With that in mind, I scattered a pinch of Byblis seeds in both of the aforementioned pots. Now I wish I hadn't. For only after having sprinkled the seeds did I happen to notice in one of the pots, a tiny seedling which appeared to have only recently shed its coat. Closer examination of both pots led me to discover about a half dozen in total. (Apparently, I needn't have bother sowing at all.) While this might be the result of seeds produced last fall, I was pretty diligent with my seed harvesting during that time. There is then the possibility of the seedlings arising from seeds sown last spring. Either way, the result is that it's taken 6months or more for some of these seeds to germinate. An eloquent reminder not to be too hasty with one's assumptions as to whether or not one's sowing attempts were a failure or whether the seeds were still viable.

Or put another way, a mantra for those ancient enough to recall the old "Kung Fu" tv show .... "Patience, Grasshopper!"
Feb 16, 2015
Nalasopara (near Bombay/Mumbai)
Hahaha. I know what you mean. I have sowed byblis liniflora only ONCE. And ever since, I haven't run out of plants. I not only have part of my original seed batch left in the fridge, I am gifting and selling seeds and still have plenty. No matter how meticulously you collect, there are always escape artists that pop up as volunteers.