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A few Sarracenia

First, thanks to everyone that helped with my last post!

I'm back again with a few more plants that seem to be missing their labels. Most appear to be hybrids, but there might also be a few cultivars/species in the mix.

While I don't know the full story, I know at least some of these were rescued from a construction site in Alabama. That may be relevant in identifying potentially natural hybrids.

Lets start with the purps(/rosea?). I can't seem to keep all of these straight for some reason...

Sarracenia 1: (right below the S. jonesii)

Sarracenia 2:

Sarracenia 3:

Sarracenia 4:

Sarracenia 5: I initially thought this was S. alata, but I am starting to second guess that...

Sarracenia 6: Definitely has some leucophylla in it, judith hindle maybe?

Sarracenia 7: a hybrid that seems to involve s. rubra ssp? and s. leucophylla.

Sarracenia 8: is this an anthocyanin free S. leucophylla?

Sarracenia 9: Sorry for how the pic turned out. The top is white like a leucophylla, the rest looks like a rubra? I can try and get a better shot of it wednesday
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2-4 look like purpurea (or hybrids thereof)
None of the plants pictured are hybrids with cultivar names, and with the purpurea complex ID of the various forms is very, very difficult especially without in-season flowers. Most of the plants shown with leuco influence other than the first such, appear to be either some form of x areolata, or leuco x something in the rubra complex. Without flowers, again harder to tell and without known labels you cannot put anything on them other than NOID and possibly location data if you have that for any of them.