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a few things that haven't pitchered in a while

A classic. These pitchers always get crushed or ripped when I move things around. There was a more colorful one in the back, but I couldn't get a good pic.

N. Kona. Had to try to block the light with my hand, and it resulted in a blurry pic :(.

First decent pitcher on this since the December 07 Fiasco where everything dried out to a crisp:

Came to me as N. anamensis. Better color in real life:

My first Dyeriana intermediate chillin with a Kona:

Mirabilis seedling growing up:

Little reinwardtiana on one of many basals:
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet I have no idea what the third one down is, but it's my favorite!
Nice neps! I also like the third one down.
looking good PK. :)
Spiffy as usual.
You should put up more pictures of your whole collection/setup sometime. :)
Thanks fellas.

Hmm...maybe in a couple weeks. I am moving on Saturday and I'm trying to mentally brace myself for the fact that I'll probably lose like half my collection. Ughhhh
hey PK.....good luck with moving man! I personally move my plants potted...and the worst is that only one plant detected the change and the rest kept growing as if nothing happened. Don't unpot them. It might be a couple of trips...but it might be worth it....especially for plants which are irreplacable.
You can always mail it to me, but wait until I'm back from Germany please.

BTW, do you want anything from the Ruhrgebiet? I'd be happy to pick something up and mail when I get home. I owe you for that plant still...
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Lol I can't make more than one trip since I'm moving somewhere thats 5 hours away. I don't have enough room in my car to take them all potted. I'll probably unpot most of them, but keep the bical/belii/etc potted.

do you want anything from the Ruhrgebiet?
Hell yeah! Bin nie im Revier gewesn. Find für mich etwas Hammeres ;)
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the Mirabilis is really strange looking, do all nep seedlings look like that or just mirabilis?
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They all look generally the same at that age. Obviously the pitchers will differ for each species-hzbrid, but they all have the same growth habit at that point.