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A Few Words About Our 2016 Auction


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Jul 29, 2001
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We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who participated in our auction this year. Not only through your generous donations, but your active bidding as well. We normally give the majority of the auction total to other organizations like The Nature Conservancy who are better equipped than we are at maintaining wild populations of CPs. This year is no different. We are paying to install a gate at a TNC property to stop poaching with the proceeds of this years auction.

I would like to take this time to address a concern that was sent to us regarding the timing of when auctions end. There was a difference of opinion concerning the interpretation of when the auction ended. They believed the auction should have ended at 9:59:59. We handled this years end of auction time as we have for many years. Here’s our interpretation of the rule. We Interpret the rule to mean that all auctions with the time stamp of 10:00 are legal bids. Each minute is 60 seconds long. So NASC Interprets 10:00:59 still to be 10 pm as the time stamp does not reflect seconds. 9:59:59 is not 10pm. Here’s an excerpt from the rules concerning the listing period.

LISTING PERIOD: Saturday April 2nd, through Saturday, April 16, 2016 closing at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (10:00 p.m. EST). The actual opening and closing of the Auction forum will be as close as possible to the actual times, but may not be exact, as it is done manually. However, VALID listings and bids will go by the post time stamp (i.e., a bid that is entered past 7 p.m. PST on April 16 will NOT be valid even if the Auction Forum is still open for posting.)

This has been the rule for years and until now has served us very well as written. I can assure you that this rule will be further clarified for any future auctions. NASC is a volunteer organization. Every board member volunteers their time to run NASC. None of us are ever paid for our service. We do this because of the passion we have for the plants that we all love. None of us are lawyers, so when we write the rules they may not be perfect, but we believe they can easily be understood, with our intent clear. We were accused of Interpreting the rules in such manner that we maximize our profit. I can assure you that this and all rules are applied equally to all people and auctions with the intent to achieve fairness, not profit.

NASC is open to all members. We encourage members or even nonmembers to our weekly board meetings held via skype. We are what we have always been, a group of people who loves CPs that is doing what we can to save them.

There were disparaging remarks made toward myself and NASC. I made every effort to resolve this issue in a professional manner and will continue to do so.

The individual who lost the auction in question also had items up for bid. We thank her for her donation, however she has chosen to withdraw her donation and not honor the bids made. So if you won one of her auctions contact me for a refund. A very sincere thank you to the two winners that decided to not ask for a refund and insisted we consider it a donation. I want to thank all of our supporters who again made our auction a success. Without you we couldn't save the plants we love.

Mark Todd
NASC President
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Ozzy, thank you for clarification. I hope this post settles the issue once and for all. Thank you for organizing another great auction! Looking forward to 2017 :)

P.S. Items are scheduled to arrive today and I am super excited!