a good light source?

i just got a full spectrum (5500K) flouresent "vita-lamp" with UVB. its used for exotic animals and supposed to be the closest thing to natural light as you can get. anyone know if this is really a good light?
Can anyone tell me if sylvenia plant light (60 Watt) would work good for vfts

Thankx a bunch
my flytrap is in a room that is 80 degrees and about 44% humidity, but not much sunlight. thats why i got the vita-light.
i was hoping it would "replace" the sun when i cant get it outdoors.


hey pip,

The light you are asking about will work.

Keep it 6-8 inches away from the top of the plant. leave the light on for 12-14 hours a day.

you shouldn't have a problem
The Vita light fluorescent is fine. You can get cheaper bulbs though that will work almost as well. You can mix cool white and warm white standard bulbs at 1:1. There are others such as ultralume and chroma bulbs that also come in a 5-6K range and have higher lumen output than the standard bulbs but they are a bit more expensive.

The sylvania 60watt.. is that incandescent? If it is.. careful. Those incandescent spotlight type plant bulbs get VERY hot and can fry plants quickly