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a little about my orchid enthusiasm

Sep 17, 2019
hello everybodyy,

as said in the title, as presentation, i'm going to give you a little of what i love about orchids.

my pleasure to cultivate in vitro, using asymbiotic way,
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serapias cordigera

or symbiotic way,
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spiranthes spiralis

native species,
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or species from other countries.
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satyrium bicorne

another pleasure is to maintain a meadow with wild orchids and as far as possible increase the number of plants already wild growing, and perhaps, introduce new native species growing wild close to home
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anacamptis coriophora subsp coriophora

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and my last orchid pleasure, the most atypical, maybe my favourite...
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mounting epiphhytes on tree (year-round outside) / here dendrobium moniliforme

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its flowering


as you can see, i'm always interested in what could improve my knowledge, also in exchanges, informations, how to do...and many more.