A little confused...

Reading through the posts I noticed that it seems like I should only feed my VFT 1-2 times per month....
or it may die??
What happens in it's natrual wild setting where I'm sure the probability of eating more than that occurs?
The wild ones, and those outside once acclimated, are eating more but are better equipped to deal with it, as they get lots of sun, temperature variations, oxygenated rain, and other metabolic stimulators.

(And, of course, nobody notices when a wild one goes down.)

Plants inside are doing OK, but often not so OK that they can eat a pillbug a week and keep the traps. The *plant* will do OK, but the individual leaves may die off on you.

Outside cultivation is no guarantee, of course. I've got a plant that hasn't managed to finish a single pillbug in four weeks now--the trap just sits there, shut tight on the bug. The weather has been awful and the plants just can't digest right now.

Yea, the way I see is is that you TRY to provide the conditions most preferable for the plant, but by doing this you are setting your own boundries... The more "natural" the plant feels the more you can feed it I guess, but still, there are limits... Just because in the wild a trap cant be left alone by bugs doesnt mean that THAT is optimum...