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A little farther then most of you .... CP in a Valley

Apr 24, 2022
I'm calling from Susa Valley, quite a cold spot in the French/Italian Alps
between Turin > Winter Olympics 2006, Grenoble > Winter Olympics 1968, and Albertville Winter Olympics 1992.

Fascinated by CP, now retired and unable to roam the world, I finally gave way to my passion.
I own several Dionea, Saracenea, Drosera for me is only Alicia.... and I will get my hand on any strange plant I see on sale

That keeps me occupied for long hours, and that's not so bad at all !


Lotsa blue
Sep 5, 2011
Vancouver, Washington State, US
Welcome to TF, AlainCh2! I found myself in a similar situation some years back having finished with my far-roaming and settling into a specific area. You might find yourself to be a carnivorous plant magnet in the months to come.
Apr 24, 2022
It looks beautiful. Is there still snow on the mountains in the summer?
not really, all the mountains in pics are at max 3.000-3.300mt >9kfeet<

Only Monviso and MontBlanc reach 4k and have still a glacier.
Years ago most of this mountain kept having snow and a glacier in August.

I worked for 3 years as a volunteer when I was 18-21 on the refuges at the Rocciamelone valley's side.
Rocciamelone mountain top ... is a pilgrimage mete !!
at 3540mt there is a church, it is sited on the left of the green dot > in this picture taken from the MontCenis side there was a HUGE Glacier :rolleyes: but not anymore..
That was on the other side from where we worked> at little down on the right of the yellow dot.

>>you'll see images in the video
The low refuge "la Riposa" is at 2.000 and the middle one at 2.500 where we worked is called "Ca' d'Asti" on the side of Ca' d'Asti were was a small glacier we used that as a source o water for concrete.
In the video, you can see what we young people of the valley were able to achieve. We started from scratch or WW2 ruins and all we had was a military tent and the tools we brought from home.
Later on it was a little more organized and economically founded..

It snowed big sometime in August, temp at night was a freezing -16° at 2.800mt 🙃
... and to wash your face in the morning you had to break the ice 2-3cm thick >1inch< in the rain barrels.

>> we were young and fool - we did it bare breast to show off - all around pilgrims resting before climbing the top were left open mouth

Here you are Sir - not from me - August 2016 - Nowadays not much snow left on the Alps:
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