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A More Traditional Taste of the South

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Aug 25, 2001
Richmond, Virginia/Zone 7
The second Taste of Virginia offers more traditional fare. This gift set includes:

A package of Country Ham; Williamsburg Tavern Spoonbread Mix (Williamsburg, VA); Graves Mountain Cherry Preserves (Syria, VA); Blue Crab Bay Co. Clam Dip kit (Melfa, VA); Route 11 Chesapeake Crab chips and Route 11 Dill Pickle chips (Middletown, VA); a can of Edwards Brunswick stew (Surry, VA), and Parker's Butter Toffee peanuts (Courtland, VA). So there is sweet, salty and...uh...crabby!

Now. Country ham is a delicacy in the South and I love it! Be forewarned...it IS salty. But you can soak the ham a little to reduce the saltiness if you want. It is perfectly safe to ship; its CURED to preserve it (hams used to hang in barns for a year or more). It takes only 2 minutes to cook and is great served with biscuits and red eye gravy! You can cut it up and sprinkle it in an omelet or serve as a side with eggs or pancakes. You can eat country ham for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Country ham, mashed potatoes and gravy and butter beans! YUM!

Spoonbread, if you've never had it, is somewhat like cornbread but kind of custard-y and smooth-textured.

Brunswick stew is wonderful...but canned will never be like homemade. Unfortunately I can't ship homemade, so this will have to do. C'mon down to VA for the REAL thing. lol

Opening bid is $5. I will pay shipping. And NO Andrew, you cannot have my red wagon!


Get a little taste of Dixie without having to spend money on gas! Take that gas money and BID!


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Jul 29, 2001
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A package of Country Ham; yuck too salty

Graves Mountain Cherry Preserves; may be alright

Blue Crab Bay Co. Clam Dip kit; this was awesome

Route 11 Chesapeake Crab chips and Route 11 Dill Pickle chips; I'm a carb junkie so I think they will be ok

Edwards Brunswick stew ; will probably be ok

Parker's Butter Toffee peanuts ; I don't like sweets so this will probably suck too

What all this stuff is really worth to me; about $5

The actual price I bid $25

Not having to hear Pak whine (I really want to use the other word that women do when they don't get their way but if I do I'll have to hear her do it anyway) about her auction not selling... PRICELESS
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