Abnormal traps


I have once heard of someone who went into thre greenhouseo ne day, looked at a trap, and it had a normal trap, yet it had a smaller trap growing out of the center of the larger one. [It brings back those wonderous memories of alien!] Anyone had strange encounters with woundrously deformed, mutated, mangled, morbic, audrey II type venus fly traps?
RaW$VENUS.FLY.TRAP.beginner.. Please watch the language!

I edited the word, and turned the letters into symbols.
Hehehe. Thats pretty sweet. Aliens is a cool movie, and I was just thinking about it. Lol! Wouldnt it be funny if the bigger trap ate the smaller trap?

I believe Richard had a picture of that fluke but dunno where... do a search of the site... I know I saw it somewhere!

- Brett