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adnedarn's photo thread

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Nepenthes "Two Face" available soon (just kidding)
Not too sure what caused this, or if other pitchers on the plant are like this (it is in a huge jungled mess of Nepenthes vines) but I think it is too cool! I believe it is N. maxima x ventricosa.




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It's just a random developmental mutation as far as I'm aware. I've had something similar occur on a ventricosa hybrid though not quite as extreme, and I know this has been observed in the wild before (with Sarracenia as well.)
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It can also be caused by a loss of all or nearly all light exposure on one side of the pitcher, resulting in a lack of pigment formation. Happens often enough for me, and if a pitcher forms completely in the dark then the whole thing can end up pale or white.
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hcarlton, it definitely was in that condition, one side directly to the side of the greenhouse, the other was completely shaded by Nepenthes jungle lol. But there are lots of pitchers in there that have the same and have not done that.
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Yeah, caused by lighting. Some of my Sarracenia get like that because they only get direct sun in the late afternoon.
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I highly doubt it's just lighting that's the sole factor, because it's variable what the plants do in response, but it's one of the major contributors.
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These may already be listed here... but anyway.

N. ventricosa -red x ovata


N. thorelii x witteii(?)
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That ventricosa x ovata is nice. I like how pointed the peristome becomes once it folds back.
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Thanks! I really like that plant too... It's probably the closest to a black Nepenthes I have (Hmm, maybe black dragon too!), but it only happens when the pitchers are really old.

Here is a current shot of my VFT cultivar tray. If you have a flytrap you would like to trade, I'm always looking to expand my collection!!

Starting at top left going down like reading a book...

Maroon Monster
SD Draco
SD Draco
Maroon Monster
Flaming Lips
SD Draco
Maroon Monster
UK Sawtooth II
UK Sawtooth II
Wip Slim Snapper (Second up on right)
Jaws (bottom right)
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I always love a nice collection of flytraps.
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Goodly # of vfts ya got there. :)
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Spent some time today dividing and taking pullings of some Cephs... 'Big Boy' and 'Czech Giant' needed it the most. Guess I need a bigger tank to keep them in (really I'm sure they'd be fine just in the greenhouse, not sure why I keep them in there lol).
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Evem though this is Andrew's photo thread here as some half n half examples from some of my Sarracenia

S. 'Judith Hindle'

S. purpurea ssp venosa

S. oreophila × purpurea ssp venosa

All the red side is on the west facing side where they receive direct late afternoon sun.
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Are the Cephalotus in a tank in your greenhouse?
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Yes they are, not really sure why. LOL I guess so they have their own dedicated place where I can really keep an eye on them? (I've always had a problem keeping them) or maybe because most of those I received as leaves so I wanted to be sure there was high humidity for a better chance of strike. *shrug* It's working so I left them there.
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They do that at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory too, so I was wondering if it was some secret technique for growing Cephalotus better lol.
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Too funny! I think my main problem with not being able to keep them is keeping them too dry. With them like this it catches my eye and I'm able to keep them all watered better than how I used to keep them.
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Took some more cuttings over this past week... I think this was the hardest one to cut off of them.

N. truncata

Let me fix those photos.... Sorry
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A nice, big truncata!
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Here we go, this is better...