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adnedarn's photo thread

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'Nice plants! I didn't realize that it was possible to post photos as thumbnails that could be clicked on that would allow a slideshow format. Certainly saves on download time for viewing the page.
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Oh! Just noticed that too! I hadn't clicked on the photos and seen the slide show. That's a nice feature, thanks for noticing it (y)
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H. heterodoxa x minor gifted to me by @Werdna and I've been following his instructions since I've never been successful long term with Heliamphora. (He made a post explaining his method here )
He gave me the plant around February of 2022 and it looked like this.

As of now it is much bigger with multiple growth points! (I'm even growing some nice sphagnum for the first time ever!)
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Those look great! I had a similar experience last year when someone I was trading with sent me 4 different Heli's when I asked for "a small, easy one." But my results are very like yours. Here's to success!
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I had just told @Werdna that i was going to uppot the heli he gave me and start some new sphagnum (I let it dry too much...2 or 3 times) and then this happened. So I moved it to a lower shelf with higher lights. Guess the repot has to wait.

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Very nice, a little patch of the tropics in Arizona
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N. rafflensiana

N. ampularia x (spathulata x gymnamphora)

N. sanguinea x ramispina (93)

N. ventricosa x truncata (410)

S. 'Royal Ruby'

S. leucophylla "alba top"

Nepenthes maxima x truncata (female) really liked how this has started to leave the flair out!

And these pulled to take to our local meeting.... I took the second.
anthro free micheliana = Schnell's Ghost x purp ssp purp anthro free
And Sarracenia "southern comfort" = leucophylla x minor Okee Giant

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Im very happy that N. boschiana is doing so well for me. Already is giving me a nice basal as well. (Purchased 8/2018 as a 2-3" plant)
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I forgot I already had a submission for plant of the month, so here is P. colimensis x moranensis

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An interesting cross. Colimensis doesn't seem to be a very common plant but it is known for big pink flowers. Might be fun to see what the flowers on your plants will look like. Do you know which moranensis form was the pollen parent?
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That's all I know about it. I should ask the guy I got it from if he knows more....
Here is another interesting one! It forms a winter onion lol.
P. Heterophylla x Kondoi



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Great color on the colimensis hybrid. And impressive job with the heterophylla hybrid. Those bulb-formers are tricksy for me (i.e., I've killed a few) - so I appreciate when folks are successful with them and I'll happily admire them in your collection! Thanks for sharing!
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My experiences with bulb forming pings are similar to yours, Madrone. I've been managing to keep P. parvifolia alive but it's not really happy. I really like the idea of a cross between heterophylla and kondoi. It's looking good, Adnedarn.
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Some pings! (Click for bigger photos)

P. colimensis x moranensis
P. laueana x emarginata
P. cyclosecta x emarginata
P. gigantea "Red"
P. 'John Rizzi'
P. "Launtner" 92/52
P. "El Mirador"
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That colimensis x moranensis color is WOW!
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You are absolutely right! And is has a sheen that is insane as well.
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The laueana x emarginata is one that I was given. I'm constantly amazed at how attractive it is. A very nice collection! ^
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Thanks! I have a few laueana x emarginata (and reverse) crosses. They're all nice, but some definitely stand out!