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Advice about grow lights for winter

I'd like some advice about using grow lights over the winter.
My neps (ventrata, gaya, bloody mary/lady luck, lowii x ventricosa) are currently growing in a south/east facing window and are doing really well. They are all a reasonable size (see photo).
With the nights getting shorter already, I've been thinking about getting some grow lights for the winter.
How long would you have the lights running for? Would they be on just in the morning and evening to create a longer 'day time' or would you keep them on all day?
I'm in the UK so winters can be pretty dire :(
I work on a farm so am up at 5am every day so curtains are open early to let the light in but it won't be enough in the winter I doubt.
What type of lights are the best for this?
There are so many different types (and colours?) that I have no idea where to even start...
I'm not looking for a super expensive set up, I just want to give them the best chance :)


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Shorter winter light hours aren't necessarily an issue. Depending on how far north you are you may be able to get away with no supplemental light. For the most part, the worst that will happen is a slow down in growth and fewer pitchers produced. If you do decide to supplement, LED arrays work well. For an area where you'll be looking at them it's worthwhile to go for white light over blue and purple. Cheap and weak LED's will need to be hung pretty close to the plants.
Hi Grey Moss!
I'm in the UK so the winter months can be really dismal...
I have 4 neps in tall pots rather than a terrarium so have been looking at some of the lights that clip onto the shelf on gooseneck fittings like the photo.
Do you think these would be any good?
As they're in my living room I didn't really want just red and blue lights if that makes sense?


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Honestly I used to use grow lights but I've moved away from them. Really bright LED lightbulbs can work as well and are easier to fit in my opinion. Something like this should work. You can probably find something similar in a hardware store. Just get a few bulbs with high lumens and you should be good to go.
Yeah, I would not use those gooseneck lamps. They're so weak as to be almost useless. Like Tanukimo says any kind of LED meant to illuminate an area like a garage will be a much better value.
Thanks everyone!
I've been looking into Sansi grow bulbs but was wondering if the 15w ones would be enough or if I needed the 24w or bigger. The 24w & 36w bulbs themselves are massive!!
Being in a living room, the only type of light I can use them in is the type that clip onto a ledge like the photo...

Also, while the plants would need about 12 hours of light, would the lights have to be on co totally for the 12 hours or could you just supplement the natural light by having them on for a couple of hours morning and night?

Been searching the Internet and forums for weeks but can't seem to find the right answers sadly


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Thanks Grey!
I think my biggest concern is getting something that works in my living room without making it so bright that it's uncomfortable. I have migraines too so have to be careful of that.

I guess my thoughts were that even if it's not as bright as they would ideally like, it would be better than having no extra light at all.

I think I'll order the smaller lights and see just how bright they are... I can always replace them with stronger bulbs when winter really sets in.

I know I don't have many, but my plants are my pride and joy and I'd love to try and help them through the winter if I can!
The humidifier I bought about 2-3 weeks ago has increased growth so much that I'd hate for them to stop growing over winter.

Its trial and error I guess but expert advice always helps!
Thank you! 😊