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Advice on bringing D. regia back from the roots

Jul 28, 2012
NE United States
Hey everyone! I'm getting back into the hobby and have been growing a D. regia on my office's windowsill. It thrived last summer, went dormant this winter, and was just starting to pick up speed for the spring. I left town for a week and my coworkers forgot to water it, so unfortunately it dried out and the main growth tip died (pic attached of now vs. in its prime). I've seen a lot of posts before about D. regia coming back from light freezes, does anyone have suggestions for how to best instigate it coming back from the roots? Should I just water it like normal or will the roots rot? Maybe I should just pull them out and try and do hail mary root cuttings? Thanks in advance :)


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Lotsa blue
Sep 5, 2011
Vancouver, Washington State, US
Will your plant come back if simply watered? I can't say as I've never had one return from the roots without any living leaves. But I can tell you what I would do in your situation. I would dig up all of the roots and put them on top of long fibered sphagnum moss that was flooded to the top and put them under lights. If the roots are still alive they will, over a period of maybe 2 months, produce new sprouts. As the little plants develop you can lower the water level and wait for them to produce their own roots. When they have you can cut the original root pieces apart and pot them up. The results can look like this:

Whatever you do I wish you success with your plant!