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An important announcement regarding the 2012 auction


wicked good plants!
Staff member
Dear friends,

Thank you again for your participation in the 2012 NASC benefit auction! As you know, some of the funds raised in this year’s auction were intended to go towards the development of a management plan for Dulany Bog in western North Carolina. We have been in communication with the various groups in charge of this property, but no agreements have been reached as of yet. The money raised for this project will, unfortunately, not be able to be put to use any time soon.

We at NASC have been made aware of another carnivorous plant site, one which could make use of the money immediately. Cedar Mountain Bog is a site in Transylvania County, North Carolina, and is home to several rare plants, including the last stable Sarracenia jonesii population in the state. The North Carolina Plant Conservation Program is in need of funds for its management project at Cedar Mountain Bog.

We feel that Dulany Bog is a site that is certainly worthy of conservation efforts, and we hope that in the future we will be able to reach agreements as to how NASC can assist such efforts. However, at this time, we are proposing re-allocating the funds to Cedar Mountain Bog, another worthy site that can make use of the money now.

The NASC board will be voting on this proposal on November 8. We welcome any comments that you may have and will take them into consideration. You can contact me through PM here on TerraForums, or via email at president(at)nasarracenia(dot)org.

Emily Troiano
President, NASC
Sounds like the money will be goin to a more than worthy cause regardless :) I look forward to donating auction items when next years's auction rolls around.

The project of slashing so much vegetation to recreate bog environment sounds like alot of work but should payoff with large open areas for the native CPs to reclaim and thrive in.
Use the funds where they will be most useful, when it will be most useful. That's the bottom line.
If there is another project that can move forward with these funds, I agree with allocating funds there instead of tying up funds on stalled negotiations. :-D