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Anamensis problems

Hey guys. I've got some problems with my N. anamensis. It continues to put out new growth, but the growth is very stunted and produces no pitchers. Here are a couple photos:



The pot seemed overly moist, but these symptoms don't seem to reflect overwatering. Any ideas?

Wow, that's really weird. My Sibuyanensis is doing something similar to that. Mine probably just has too low light levels.

What are the conditions you're giving it?
I'd move to something a bit more open as well.
From the pic, it seems to need more light, but then again, it looks like sunset, but I see lots of trees. Try giving more light like the others said. Btw, I like how a looks though :p. In the second picture on the right, isn't that a pitcher forming?
Thanks for the replies, guys. That isn't its normal growth area-- I keep it in a grow chamber with fluorescent tubes. If this looks like a plant that is suffering from low light levels, it's a quick fix.

All the tendrils on this plant appear still healthy as though they could grow, but none of them have elongated or inflated in the past six months or so.

Thanks again.

What are your day and night temps? humidity? how far is it from the lights? Has it ever pitchered for you? What media are you growing it in? How often do you water? Fertilize? ...etc...
Im not experienced with this particular plant, but maybe someone will be better equipped to help given that information.
Day and night temps are around 70-80°F, higher during the day than at night but not a significant difference. Humidity is fairly high, above 70%. It is about 18" from the lights (six 4' tubes) and it has produced one pitcher within two months of my receiving it. It is growing in a combination of orchid bark and LFS and it gets watered about once a week. I do not fertilize.

It looks like my N. Bellii at the start, new grow, good green color, but no pitchers at all...

What kind of tubes you have on your grow chamber?
5 GE 'sunlight' and 1 GE 'plant & aquarium' but it changes from time to time. It is always some combination of those two types, though.