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Anamensis revisited: snails?

Hey guys. I've recently found numerous snails crawling about in my anamensis pot. Every day, there seems to be a new one sliming around on the moss. I have never seen them on the plant, but the fact that they keep popping up out of nowhere suggests to me that they are hidding under the moss somewhere. Could snails eating the roots cause this funny growth?

Here's the picture again:


Thanks guys.

I just found another snail in a different tank, and this one was on a leaf, not the substrate. I know I have snails among my Nepenthes, but there is no leaf damage whatsoever on any of them.

Are you sure snails never attack the roots or anything like that?

The vast majority of snails are not burrowers. The only ones I can think of are Malaysian burrowing snail, and some marine species. All have a totally different shell shape, etc. It could very possibly be root damage, but it's not via snails.