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and yet ANOTHER Lowe's rescue...

I bought 8 small pots of VFTs at Lowe's yesterday that were on the "clearance" shelves for $1 each. Each little pot has +/- 40 individual plants of all sizes. I'm only through dividing up 3 so far: big ones into separate small pots, small ones into a flat, and a few, well, into the compost bin.
Its a Venutian invasion!!! :crazy:
Yaahhh-hooooooo! It's a repotting frenzy!

Nice catch, 8-bug!
Gr8 find Have a wonderful time growing them up
Wait, so that's like 3,200 plants?!
I don't know how exactly the production nurseries do it: mass tissue culture I'm guessing but then growing them out so fast? poor things probably never see actual sunlight unless they get lucky enough to be placed in a store window. I've got these new rescues outside in the cold/shade to keep them in dormancy while I divide them up.
Well, we won't have any shortage of VFTs at the SF Bot. Garden's plant sales this coming year!
You have to go to the organic garden center
to find some of them
"Free Range" VFT's!