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Andrew42x89’s Grow List and Wants

Jan 14, 2023
Venus Flytraps
Dionaea muscipula “G16”
Various NoID OP*

Drosera capillaris “Emerald’s Envy”
d. capillaris “Long Arm”
d. filiformis Typical
d. filiformis “Florida Red”
mixed drosera**

Dionaea muscipula - non-typicals

Drosera intermedia “Easton, MA”
d. tokaiensis x intermedia “Easton, MA”
d. aliciae
d. omissa x pulchella

Byblis liniflora

Mimosa pudica


*Mixed VFT NoID OP seedlings - Mike B - parents include All Green, Australian Red Rosetted, BCP Red Bull, BCP Red Dentate, BCP Titan, BCP Z11, Big Mouth, Big Tomato, Big Vigorous, CCCP Orca, Clumping, Colorado Giant, Dingley Giant x Low Giant, Fang, Fine Tooth x Red, FTS Crimson Sawtooth, FTS Deep Red Guerilla, FTS Flaming Lips, G14 Rosetted, G17 Megatraps, Holland Red, Leo Song's Jaws, Low Giant, Petite Dragon x Petite Dragon, Pinnacle, Red Jaws, Royal Red, Sawtooth, SD Draco, Wally, Yellow, and assorted typicals

**Mixed drosera seedlings - FTC seed bank, evenwind - seeds from eight spats, three capis, ultra x spat, a natalensis, a tropical intermedia, and Cape "Large Form"
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