I happen to find ants in my plants today.I dread that they will eat the plant,close traps and get away,or get eaten by my plants. I heard that flytraps don't like ants and ants will kill the plant if the plant digests them.I can't get them out because my flytraps are in a closed bag and I wil disturb the plant by taking it out. What should I do?
If the ants are in your plants...the ants should be died, right?

Take the plant out and get rid of the ants. You will not hurt the vft that much if at all. When the ants are out - kill them.
Also I have feed my vft ants and they have had no ill effects from the ants.

Yeah, I've never had any problem with ants. I've fed them to almost all of my plants including my vft common and they seem ot do fine.