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any aquatic carpet forming utrics?

what types of "easy to care for" utrics form a carpet of grass on the bottom of fishtanks? my hairgrass and U. subulata arent really doing it, i assume its because i dont have co2 injection or fertilizers. i do have high light level though

my tank is sand with a very thin top layer of small stones.
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unfortunately no utric will be able to meet your demands. you might get away without CO2 if you have high light levels--unfortunately, you said you dont have those....terrestrial utrics may be grown submerged, but again, you need high light levels and lots of CO2. if you dont have those, you can only stick with the floating Utrics.


i must be going blind :blush:

in that case, try a stab at Utricularia graminifolia, or Utricularia biloba. but the lighting levels have to be excessively high. my UG is doing well in a 2.5 gallon aquarium tank, but the tank is powered by a 36 W lamp. so that's roughly 14 W per gallon.
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There are two that I know of that "can" do what your wanting. They will not grow that way without some serious guiding of the runners. They love to run into the middle of the tank and mess up your lawn.

I've successfully grown U. graminifolia submerged 10" from a 13W compact flourscent so lighting would not be the main problem. It just grows VERY slowly like this.

The other is UGs sister U. heterosepala, but good luck finding that one.

Here is a thread about UG. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=115965
cool :grin: does anybody feel like sending me a smidgen of U. graminifolia? :lol:
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Hey Trevor I've got some but it's mixed in with some U. prehensilis... I'm actually in town for a couple weeks and I could trade you some of the mix. Need to take some pics of my utrics, lol....
As others have stated, U. graminifolia does particularly well as an aquatic. It won't flower though if fully submerged but if you can get some to grow just below water level, so the leaves are partially submerged, then it will...

I have some pure U. graminifolia if you like.
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hey jeff! good to hear from you. :) is your PM box still full?
Ah, seems I can't be trusted. :p
I guess I'll keep my U. graminifolia to myself.
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jeff lives 20 minutes away from me :eek:
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Oh, lol! XD
Sorry, I did not know. Sorry for misunderstanding. :p