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Any Item From the NASC Store - (BJTS $25)

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This is one of the few auctions still "open." Winning bidder: have you received the item in good condition? Please leave a quick comment here to let us know that all is well so we can close out the NASC auction for this year.

Thanks for supporting the NASC :)
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I was contacted by the winner and he asked for the black shirt. I was unsure which black shirt he wants so I send a PM to ask which one and I haven't gotten a reply.
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I have a feeling they don't receive or don't check the PMs. Try contacting Black Jungle directly at their customer service e-mail address instead from their website. They're also usually busy this time of year with endless shows. An e-mail will probably receive more attention.

I'd ask for them to send a link to the item they want with an indication of their size preference.