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Anybody tried artificial media?

Mar 30, 2002
Columbus, OH

Has anyone tried flytraps in rock wool, or clay pellets, with peat tea as the liquid refreshment? If not, what is your opinion on success with this idea?

I know you can grow nepenthes in the clay or wool, and of course orchids.

I ask because either medium would provide a more flexible potting environment. I could really go nuts on the arrangement and still maintain healthy plants.



I've been wondering the same thing. I'm a newbie to VFT's, but I've been doing clay pellet hydroculture for quite a while with many other houseplants. Combining what I know about hydroculture and what I learned from browsing this forum for a couple weeks, my conclusion is that I don't see why it can't be done.

Actually, this method intuitively seems more suitable for VFT's given their humidity requirement.

My only concern would be whether their roots can withstand the transition. With most other plants (I not sure about VFT's), the "soil roots" eventually die off and are replaced by "water roots". It is during this period that many of my previous plants have been most vulnerable. Knowing how delicate VFT's are, I don't know if they would survive.

If you attempt it, definitely keep us updated on how it goes.