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Anyone grow N. gymnamphora?

I'm planning on getting back into growing CPs, and I will be setting up a nepenthes grow chamber pretty soon. One of the Nepenthes that I most want to grow is N. gymnamphora because it was my favorite when I had neps as a kid. To my understanding, N.gymnamphora is an extremely variable species with a huge geographic and altitude range. The plant I had when I was a kid had round, brightly colored traps and produced basals prolifically like N. ampullaria. The basals were very interesting, because they would often not produce leaves and just send up tendrils with traps from the substrate, almost like a cephalotus. It was also unusually heat tolerant for a highlander, tolerating 70+ degree nights in the summer.

Does this desciption ring a bell for anyone who grows N. gymnamphora? I would like to get one when I set up the grow chamber, but due to the variability of N. gymnamphora, I really have no Idea what I am getting. The huge altitude range of N.gymnamphora is also kind of a concern, as I don't want to end up getting (and killing) an ultrahighland clone, since I will have intermediate temp. conditions.

Anyone here have experience growing N.gymnamphora? What conditions does your plant do well in? Pictures of the variety you are growing would also be appreciated.
Working on sprouting gymnamphora seeds, but I do already have its closest relative, N. pectinata (often considered the same species). So far, they've enjoyed very bright light, even some direct sun, and grow in a 1:1 long fiber sphagnum/perlite soil, with live sphagnum on top. Temps go from 75-90 degrees F daytime to around 50-60 F at night. N. gmynamphora should do well in the same conditions.
A species that prefers warm conditions with significant night temperature drop and not hot and humid like in the lowland forests. I've killed two in my lowland conditions. :-(
N xiphioides is also a very similar species. I grow the N gymnamphora from mt singalang (AW) I've only had it for six months but it is doing well in typical highland conditions. Days 70-80 nights 50-60. i grow in a terrarium with T5HOs about 8 inches from the plant.
I don't currently grow it ,but I want to.