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Anyone here get Reptiles magazine?


Sarracenia freak
My buddy Terry Phillips at the Reptile Gardens finally got around to publishing an article on his breeding success with Morelia carinata, the Rough Scaled Python, and used some the photos I took of his animals in the article. Haven't seen it yet, guess it just came out. Need to go find me a copy.. Pretty stoked.



That's pretty awesome. I used to subscribe to that magazine but it's been probably like 7 years since I got one...
Brie, just fyi. I hate you!

JK, JK! Probably!

Really incredible photos, of a very nice animal!

Very very jealous!
Sweet. I've been waiting for this to come out.
I'm only down to four snakes, so I let my subscription go a couple of years ago, lol.
Really beautiful pictures! Great job! I stopped subscribing a few months ago.