Aphids and vft's..

I was examining my plant this morning and found little white bugs crawling around the soil and the traps. Is this good, or should I have the plant transplanted immediately? I don't notice any damage so far, but the aphid like creatures are an eye sore, to say the least.


Oh no!

Nah dont bother transplanting it aint that serious. You could use a pesticide on it or you could just submerge the plant pot and all (In the propper water of course
) for a day or so and drown the little buggers. It wont hurt the plant at all this happens all the time in nature.
Transplant it immediatly!
These bugs are horrible!!! I had a beautiful African Violet that had little white bugs living in the soil. In a couple of weeks the plant died. I looked to see what could have caused it. I saw that the roots were infested with these little white bugs - Please do transplant it.
These bugs are evil. *I had that Violet for over a year!
Are they aphids, or are they fungus gnats? I have googles of 'little white bugs' crawling and hoping around in the soil of most of my CPs, but they seem to live in the soil, not on the plant. I don't think they do much damage. I thought they were impossible to avoid, actually. Any of the experienced growers clarify this? Thanks.
They are more like little white bugs... that jump like flees, almost microscopic... no damage done to the leaves, but they seem to hide within the soil, and have taken interest in the leaf that has the cricket digesting in it....

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I talked to cougarmint about this on chat and it sounds to me like it's springtails. I have them all over my plants, and they never caused any problems for me.