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are 3000k and 5000k + red leds good for my flytraps?

Aug 2, 2020
i just recently got an led panel for my carnies and they've been reacting well but it was literally 10$ and it is BRIGHT!!! like 60,000 lux bright about 12-15 inches away from my plants, but i need to know if 3000k and 5000k and red leds are any good for flytraps, nepenthes, sundews because my nepenthes has been under my red blue yescom panels for awhile and it got both a pitcher jump and really tanned and it is a regular ventrata. but ill post a link to the lights and post pictures of my plants under the lights! it even came with a hanging strap, thermometer/hygrometer but the darn thing reads in celcius and i have been reading farenheight my whole life but here is the link:

photo of plants


Lotsa blue
Sep 5, 2011
Vancouver, Washington State, US
I believe that those colors will probably be fine for your plants but there is more information here - one of the better articles about LED growlights that I've seen: ICPS:Using LED growlights. You might want to keep an eye out for leaf burning due to too much light. I learned the hard way that you can have too much of a good thing.