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Are 3D-printed pots safe for VFT's?

Jul 18, 2018
Hi everyone.
Newbie here and also receiving my first VFT in a couple of days. I've already done my research and prepared my medium. I've also 3D-Printed a special pot for it and I also plan to decor the pot a bit with oil/waiter-based acrylic paint. However, I'm not sure if any of the materials I've mentioned might harm the plant in the long run.

I've done some searching and people say PLA and acrylics have no harmful effects on plants in general. But there's no mention if any mineral gets leached by the medium that may be harmful specifically to VFT's.

Hope to hear from the experts and anyone who's ever tried this in the past. Many thanks in advance. 😉"
Feb 22, 2014
I wouldn't expect a 3D-printed pot to be harmful. There is a local grower here who has been using them for Nepenthes and Heliamphora. Do keep in mind that PLA doesn't last forever in the sun.