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Arizona summer heat

May 8, 2020
Hi all, new to air plants and the forums. Heres what my project will be. A large piece of dried wood. I live half way between Phoenix and Tuscon, its flat and hot 110 easily during the summer months.Luckily my porch only gets a few hours of morning sun then its just hot. I'm looking for advice on what type of plants I might be able to raise or am I just out of luck. Also the humidity ranges from 20 to 30 Hg depending on season. The plants will not be permanently planted so I can soak them easily. I really hope I'm not out of luck because I have 2 planters with cacti and succulents and this wood would look really cool set between the planters.
Thanks for any help in advance,
Aug 24, 2015
If you got a patio mister then you may grow more than caliche.

I'm down the river from you. I grow indoors with "medical herb" LEDs. The temperate CP's really enjoy being outdoors in December through February in a cheap $30 wardrobe box greenhouse (unzipped). Once it becomes 80F they go inside for longer artificial days, and monsoons.

Keep us posted to your findings.