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Alright folks, I have a little goodie bag of beginner seeds to give away today. Some of these are a year old and have been refrigerated since I harvested them, others are only a few weeks old. Winner will supply a SASE for the seeds, US only and lets say users with at least 25 posts. Standard number format and I will chose winners in a week or so. For some of these items there will be multiple winners since I have a ton of them.

S. Leucophylla

D. Intermedia

D. Muscipula/B-52(The seeds where harvested from a pot with a mix of them in it, open air pollinated so no telling what they are.)

D. Filiformis 'Trayci'

S. Purpurea (I believe Venosa, but I can't say for sure)
i don't fit the criteria as I only have 18 posts. And, they're from 2006. But, after a 10 year hiatus from growing CP's I am slowly but surely getting back into the hobby. Kids are expensive. We bough our first house in July and I am in the process of planning and building a bog garden for my front walkway. I've no preference on seed just looking to get an outdoor garden started. So, if possible put me down as #3 Adough. Thanks!