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B. hechtioides

Nov 1, 2021
I am setting up a small Tepui terrarium and am looking for a small growing B. hechtioides. Does anyone know the name of a small subvariant? I will most likely set up a larger enclosure in the future but currently I am limited to 10 inches of growing height.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for any help!
Apr 19, 2012
Greeley, CO, USA
I question the claim of BCP carrying a dwarf version, have never seen anyone growing one...but to get that will be costly and an overseas shipment involving phytosanitary and import permits if you're not in the EU. I would have some suspicions though until more info can be found, more than likely, either the "dwarf" they're carrying is a small misidentified relative, or it will get larger than they claim (being the standard form of both carnivorous species are plants that reach 2-3 feet tall with ease, something less than a quarter of that size maximum should have made headlines and I can find no other records about it).