babies on flower stalk?

I'm from NC and when I was a kid I visited a large enclosed nursery with dozens (maybe hundreds) of mature VFTs. Many of them had long stalks (over 12") with white flowers and a very few of them had new little flytrap plants growing on the flower stalk from about half-way up the stalk to right below where the flowers were.... very similar to a spider plant. Some of these stalks were so heavy they bent over to lay on moss from neighboring pots where these baby plants were taking root, but still connected to the parent.
Has anyone else seen this type of reproduction from VFTs before? or been able to recreate it at home?
I understand most people cut the stalks before they flower, and that sounds like a good idea. Many times I've seen a VFT just stop growing once the stalk comes out.

Just remembering this and curious.


It's been one of dem days
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Back in July someone had their VFT do that.  Here's a link to that.  It's even got pictures of the stalk

Flowering VFT, New traps growing on flower stalk
Yep! exactly.
I'd hoped that I was the only one who saw that, so I guess I'm not special after all

I get the idea that it's natural for the stalk to fall over and plant the babies on the surface of the ground. It's quite unusual for a plant to do this and I was surprised that VFT does it.


It's been one of dem days
Well, considering that it doesn't happen all that often and you got to see it first hand instead of just in a picture, I'd say that was pretty special. I've been growing VFTs for several years and none of mine have ever done that.