Bad Sunslight

I have a little problem with the lighting of my VFT's. My vft's (commons) are sitting in my kitchen window, and i don't think it is recieving the proper 8 hours of sunlight a day. Is it possible to use artificial lighting? If so what kind of light bulb would I need to get?

Thanx in advance for your responses!
it should be atleast 8 hours of direct sun. sit it in a sunny location outside. be sure to keep the soil moist. i have my vft sitting on my deck. it recieves about 9 hours of direct sunlight. since i have had which has been 3 weeks, now mine is getting summer leaves on it.
sometimes when it is cloudy here and not much sun, i stick mind under a 40 watt shoplight for about 2 to 2.5 hours. i dont want to burn much energy, but hey every little bit of light helps. my doesnt seem to have any problems being under a shop light.
Since you are co-owner, you probably have a good idea of what i should do.
Recently here in chicago there has been very little sunlight. Do you think it would be ok to use artificial lighting. If so, can I put the VFT under artificial light for 7-8 hours?

Thankz in advance!
hey pipsqueak,,

i'm from the chicagoland area as well, and you know how it's been nice for the past two days?

well, here's wat i did....

i had plants outside for more than 8 hours from 7 in the morning till about 6 at night. they eventually got sunburned..

so, rite now they're in my room and i am using artificial light.

you're plants should do fine under artificial light because that's wat i did the first time i got my cps and they were fine.