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I have limited space for carnivorous plants, but for those who are interested, this is my list. I kind of like my plants bloody, red, and dangerous looking. I also have regular house plants, but I'm definitely not listing those as there are too many.
Pink is quantity for trade/sell. Green is something I want to buy/trade.

Darlingtonia californica (eBay)
  • D. californica "Typical"

Dionaea muscipula
  • D. muscipula 'B52' (FTR)
    D. muscipula "FTS Crimson Sawtooth" (FTS)
    D. muscipula "FTS Maroon Monster" (x1) adult division for $18/trade/or leaf cutting trade (FTR)
    D. muscipula "FTS Purple Ambush" (x2)(FTS)
    D. muscipula "G14/Dirk Ventham's Giant" (x2)(FTR)
    D. muscipula 'Jaws' (x1) adult division for $14/trade/or leaf cutting trade (FTR/FTS)
    D. muscipula 'Petite Dragon' (FTS)
    D. muscipula "Pink Venus" (FTS)
    D. muscipula "Seed-grown" (x3) adult division for trade/ or $10 (FTS)
    Wanted: Alien, Long Red Fingers, Paradisia

  • D. capensis "All Red" (MC)
    D. capensis "Narrow Leaf" (CC)
    D. intermedia R.I.P. (Died, no idea why)(CC)
    Wanted: "King Sundew"

  • H. heterodoxa x minor "Cherry Top" (eBay)

  • P. esseriana R.I.P. (Died, mostly likely from over-watering in dormant phase)(CC)
    P. moranensis "D" (CC)
    P. 'Pirouette' (x2) (forum member 'charlie')
    P. 'Titan' (CC)
    P. unknown until it flowers (x3) (MC)
    Wanted: esseriana, 'Florian', jaumavensis, laueana, 'Sethos', pretty much anything that is pink and 2 inches wide

  • S. Minor (eBay)

Sphagnum Moss
  • Green (3 types)

My pot of choice: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10207651/
I place a cord that goes down into the saucer that serves as a wick; the plants drink up any extra water that builds up.

CC: cascadecarnivores.com
eBay: ebay.com
FTR: flytrap ranch.com
FTS: flytrapstore.com
MC: midtowncarnivores.com
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