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"Oh, now he's a philosophizer"
*Please note to 'win' this giveaway you must be a beginner grower.

I have a few sundews that I want to give away and they'll go to the first person who posts in this thread. They are easy to grow and in order to avoid having to do multiple shipments, they will all go to the same person. The plants that will be donated are:

Drosera aliciae
Drosera hamiltonii
Drosera collinsiae "Faryland"
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Damnit, I'm not much of a beginner.

Edit: What's your definition of beginner? Time growing CP's? Size of collection? Been growing since last July.
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I'm sort of a beginner.. have a bunch of seeds waiting to germinate.. and have a whopping 2 flytraps!
I did have flytraps as a kid.. however I never knew about the whole dormant issue.. so when they turned black my mom threw them out!

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never had any drosera before.. unless all the seed counts
hey im a beginner and interested!!! i have D. aliciae but not the other two
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Soopaman is the winner since he posted first. Thanks everyone for the interest :) Who knows, maybe there will be another giveaway soon ;)
Thanks, Baylorguy!

I look forward to these dews, I've been wanting them :)

Oh, and thanks for the congrats, Yinepu.