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Best ultrasonic humidifier for 20 gallon long?

I use the foggers from mainlandmart, best prices I've found for foggers without all of the "fancy" leds that I don't need lol.
id look for one that has an adjustable output....

but fwiw, you put that in the tank... where its under the lights and you will have probs with algae build up resulting in an early death of the humidifier, plus what the high humidity will do to the electronics.

Keep it out of the tank....
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Stay out of the day light! :awesome: My new humidifier on my HL chamber is growing a reddish orange colored algae slime, the old one used to grow yellow/green.

To be honest with a tank 75 gallons or smaller I wouldn't even bother with a fogger / ultrasonic humidifier.

Cut a few lengths of 1" to 2" diameter PVC pipe and lay it down place a sheet of eggcrate laid overtop and this makes a perfect passive evaporative humidifier using the water that collects under the pots / egg crate. It works great and and there is less aparatus to go awry, just gotta clean the pond under the egg crate every so often.

I use an ultrasonic humidfier on my large enclosures but not on anything small (under 100 gallons or so).
I would look at one that you can put outside your tank, and use a length of flexible hose to pipe into the tank, rather than wasting space inside with the unit. I know there are a few that have a perfect sized outlet opening to just put the hose right in. I think one was a walgreens branded unit.