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N. glabrata x aristolochioides

U. gibba

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Things have changed recently in the highland chamber. N. peltata, N. sanguinea and N. ventricosa xxtiveyi x truncata have outgrown the chamber, and were moved to intermediate conditions. I just added a waterfall for humidity and aesthetics, and rearranged the plants around it.

A spider mite infestation, followed by the humidifier breaking killed several plants, chief among them N. inermis. I thought my N. hamata was doomed when the main growth point died, and no sign of a new growth for 6+ months, but I discovered a new meristem forming today.
(Sorry about the quality, I had to use the flash to capture the new growth)
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Resurrecting this ancient thread because I don't feel like making a new one just for general photographs. Enjoy.

N. x 'Peter D'Amato'

Amorphophallus konjac

Nepenthes truncata - seed grown EP

Nepenthes x 'Miranda' upper pitcher
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I've successfully germinated Nepenthes seed produced in-house for the first time. N. ((ventricosa xx tiveyi) x truncata) x 'Miranda'. Only two have germinated after a couple weeks, but hopefully I get a couple more. Looks like we can confirm that 'Miranda' is not sterile, but it is very, very infertile. I used an entire female inflorescence to get these two seedlings. Hopefully they survive. I'd very much like to see how the Miranda influence helps with the uppers.20230216_122615.jpg

Also, here's an update on the N. truncata from EP. As you can see, it's grown fast and has the amazing genetics you'd expect from EP. Probably only a year or so out from being the vermin control in the greenhouse.
N. lowii, seed grown from Trusmadi
N. diatas from BE. Very cute at such a small size, and already toothy.
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Nice, congrats on the seedlings! I think I've heard similar before, if you glance through the photofinder there are definitely some hybrids including miranda.
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"Miranda" is referenced as "all but sterile;" hybrids are possible and have been around for a long time (I have a clipeata cross with a maxima x "Miranda" hybrid that I made), but making them is barely worth the effort, especially when the original and highly fertile x mixta is around and makes equal if not better crosses appearance-wise
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Yeah, I've heard that they're just highly infertile, but it's cool to see for yourself. I couldn't get any actual pollen in time, so I threw some pollen from my Miranda that was in bloom at the time on just for the heck of it. I didn't expect anything, so a few seedlings is a good result.