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Blaptica dubia starte colony for trade

Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
My dubia roaches are reproducing MUCH faster than one adult bearded dragon can eat. Teddy is about to start brumating (reptile hibernation), so these roaches must be thinned.

I am offering 100 adults, 40 males and 60 females, plus all the contents of one over-laden egg crate. This will probably be well over a thousand bugs. Instant starter colony, just add: One Rubbermaid storage bin, one constant-on heating pad, four or more 30-count egg crates, dog food, water crystals, and a hungry critter to keep up with them.

Dubia roaches, not to be confused with a certain carnivorous plant of the same name, are relatively flightless, the females don't even have wings, can't climb worth beans, and reproduce with vigor. They are quiet, unlike crickets, and live longer than crickets. Adults live up to a year long, making a dozen or two sets of babies every few weeks.

In the true spirit of trade, I am asking first for what I need. I need six micro servos for a Spirit Elite sailplane I'm building. :banana2: Servos lacking, I'll also take a Spektrum 5 channel receiver, or a couple Nepenthes ampullaria, or a Ceph, or a Heli.... Don't be afraid to make an offer!

Legal stuff! Blaptica dubia are banned in Canada and Florida. I'm sorry, folks, but I can't ship there. Anywhere else in the US is good to go!
Folks, I need to get these bugs out of here. At this point, I'd trade for a spotty amp, a fancy flytrap, some pretty Nep. cutting.... PM your offer.