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Blooming size amorphophallus

Hello! I'm looking for a blooming size amorphophallus because all the ones online say they will bloom in 3-4 years! I'm growing konjac but the bulbs are tiny. If anyone has a large bulb of other species they want to trade for some plants that would be great! What I have to offer is:
Amorphophallus konjac bulbs
Arisaema bulbs
Sarracenia rosea

Lots of orchids:
Paphiopedilum 'greyi'
Paph F.C. Puddle
Masdevallia herradurae
Dracula bella
Dracula vampira
Lc. sagarik wax 'NN'
Lots more

If you are interested or want photos of these plants please pm me for offers :)
Have any miniature/smaller orchids?

I love having them around, but I can't keep more than one or two standard-size orchids atm :(
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I have lots of angraecoids like aerangis luteo-alba which is tiny. The draculas are small-medium (6-8 inches with many leaves) sized plants while the paph. greyi is a quite small paph. I also have Phalaenopsis bellina var. alba which is relatively small and Brassavola nodosa, the same deal.
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Luteo alba is pretty small


But i love the flowers