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Brie's CP photo thread

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Dazzling 'dews, Brie! Of the species you and I are both growing you seem to be ahead in having larger plants.
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Can we start calling you Duchess of Dews now?
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So.. I figured i'd do a small update.. I'm still alive.. But I still dont have my plants under my own roof yet.. I'll be moving in with my boyfriend soon, and he is letting me take over his entire backyard to set up a greenhouse and water tables for my Sarracenia... Right now all of my plants are still at my old apartment under the care of my ex, whos done a pretty good job keeping everything watered.. But due to the fact that I cant be there to watch temps and whatnot, i've lost some things... But luckily not too many and nothing that can't be replaced, thankfully.. Anyway, I was other there today to check on things so I snapped a few quick pics..

Batch of rarer Dews that I started from seed... They've gotten a bunch bigger since I saw them last.. Only batch that never came up were the hirticalyx.. of coarse. :p The expensive ones I spent too much money on. Im amazed many of these made it due to the stupid slime algae taking over. They need repotted bad.



Lots of little locality graminifolia, so hopefully these are the real thing and not actually spiralis.

neocaledonica is getting big too

I still have intermedia "Roraima" coming out of my ears. Cant kill those.

graomos still look good

helodes flowers


Black Veined ornata from Mike Wang, sending up a flower

"Hank" working on two flowers this year

"Sister Sister" (seed sibling to 'Tapestry') working on 3-4 flowers
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Some good lookin Dews you got there, really like helodes. What kind of pots are you using for your sarrs? They look really ideal to me, would love to get my hands on some of those.
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Yeah the square black pots look pretty nice, organizationally... and you can fit 8 to a tray..

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Forgot some...

Got prolifera?

Happy Schizandra

Random things... nutans, sarracenioides, pulchra, U. asplundii flowers



The flower belongs to my het x minor(which may be sarracenioides x minor i think?) to the left


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Lookin really good Brie. Especially for you not being there to take care of them.
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very nice brie. my black veined ornata doesnt look like it will be making flowers this year.
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I'm waiting for more sarr pictures before I comment any more on this thread....

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nice to see your pics again Brie,wish i had intermedia coming out my ears:-D
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Those intermedia caught my eye too!
Those helodes are amazing.
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Such a great collection of little 'dews. I love the utric flowers.
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So my tuberous dews and utric have started to grow so it was time to finally pot them up.. I got a shipment from Mr. Lowrie a couple months ago and kept em in a bit of paper towels, in their little baggies and waited to see some growth until potting them up.

In the shipment I got:

D. e. squamosa "Sand growing form"
D. e. squamosa "Laterite growing form" (although i wasnt able to find laterite in time, i was going to give it a 50/50 mix)
D. e. squamosa "Scott River"
D. lowriei - Blood Red, mid veins
D. purpurescens
D. rosulata
D. whitakeri ssp. whitakeri
D. zonaria "large form" (tuber is massive)


Utricularia menziesii "Red flower, Red palate"

Wooo I cant wait to see these guys break ground! Here's to hoping i'm successful in adapting them to the northern hemisphere.











The jumbo tubers got big pots straight off the bat(squamosa and zonaria). I'll be repotting the rest into these later once the season is over and i'm moved and have my plant racks set up at the new place.

all done. Phew. Now grow babies grow!
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Welcome back Brie! Glad to see you still growing and still getting more plants!

Those are some sweet little potatoes you've got right there!
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I ordered these guys right before the time the divorce stuff started so I was kinda panicking as to what I was gunna do with em.. I'll make somethin work out.. :) Im not really actively buying plants again yet, gotta wait another month or so until everything is moved and set back up permanently. I may even be getting a greenhouse.. Hella excited.
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Very nice, some pricey potatoes ya got there. :p
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Whoa! U. Menziesii! Thats my favorite utric! Good luck with it, hopefully we'll see some flowers. Congrats ;)
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Nah, they werent THAT expensive.. but they weren't cheap, you are correct. So hopefully im able to successfully acclimate them and switch their little clocks around...

Also, forgot these.. Snapped a few pics of my temperate drosera starting to come to life...





And my Adrian Slack and Leah Wilkerson are sending up flowers at the same time this year.. I can do the cross both ways hopefully. Woot! (LW is in the foreground, Adrian is in the back, cant really see the flower stalk due to angle. doh)
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Those are some excellent-looking tubers. I'm sure they couldn't be in better hands. I didn't know there was a large-form D. rotundifolia from Skagit Co. Washington!
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Those are some excellent-looking tubers. I'm sure they couldn't be in better hands. I didn't know there was a large-form D. rotundifolia from Skagit Co. Washington!

Danke :) They made the trip here from Australia pretty dang well.. And yes there was, but sadly the population is extinct in the wild now.. Only resides in captivity now.. It can get super big for rotundifolia..

parent plant last summer