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campanulata quasi bonsai project aka "into the crevasse"

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Do it. Hows your ceph setup faring?

Its doing great. The plant has outgrown the light. Will post an update in my ceph thread. :)
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so it's been a while since i've updated, and that's not to say that things have been easy--- i've unfortunately ran into quite a few challenges, and have been set back quite a bit. things are a bit hideous right now, but are making an upward trend to where we've got to go-- case and point, pictures coming soon, but i'd at least like to share with you guys what happened, and how I was able to remediate--maybe it could help you all out, since I couldnt find any resolution to my challenges.

it all started when I noticed mildew accumulating on my pitchers and one by one the pitchers started browning out and dying. Furthermore leaves were no longer green but starting to rust over. I suspected that this was due to high humidity, and provided a fan to increase air circulation. since then, mildew no longer was a recurrence, but-- one of my plants decided to abort a growth tip, and has been in stasis since late January, until now where i've noticed a new basal developing.

thought that was the end right? nope...

rust continued to be quite an issue, new leaves were light green/borderline yellow, and furthermore the pitchers continued to die early. This was most evident as one plant was able to hold one pitcher longer than another plant's entire pitcher development and death. I suspected that the problem was due to too much light. In efforts to obtain compacted growth, 4 T5HOs were used. I suspect that such intense lighting caused the pitchers to yellow over and die quickly, and so I decided to remove one bulb 2 weeks ago. Since then, all plants have responded positively, all new growth being solid green, and pitchers have stopped dying shortly after inflation. Hopefully, by the end of April, i'll have pictures to share. until then, see ya!