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Can you recommend an all purpose fertilizer?

I want to feed some of my droseras, nepenthes, heli, and pings. Food in the winter is def scarce outside and some of this plants are in a terrarium which means no food other than the light.

I saw this post and thought about buying this food

But this article doesn't include Nepenthes. I"m wondering can i use this food for Nepenthes?

Or what would you recommend as the ultimate all purpose fertilizer?

It may even be easier. With the digestive fluid in the Nepenthes pitchers, you may not even have to wetten the blood worms.

If you look at the California Carnivores blog, Peter has been feeding actual fertilizer pellets (Osmocote) to Neps with great results. They are definitely not "all-purpose" though. Don't use them with Sarrs or Cobras.
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Maxsea 16-16-16 fertilizer can be used with just about anything and everything. It also has no real detrimental effect on Sphagnum like others do, and may help it grow. The recommended dilution for carnivores is about 1/4 tsp. per gallon of water.
Maxsea (all-purpose or acid-loving (so I've heard)) and Grow More urea-free both work well.

I've used osmocote with and without issue. Sometimes the pellets work as advertised, while other times they dump all of their contents within a matter of days. Don't know how I feel about putting the pellets in the pitchers as Peter D'Amato has been advocating lately. I've done this in the past and noticed little more than burn spots on the pitchers. You can just as easily add dilute fertilizer. Plus, osmocote isn't really suitable for Drosera.

Fish food also works well and is an organic alternative for the more sensitive plants.
I've used both Maxsea and Dyna-Gro for years. Both great products. I will say though that I've never used Dyna-Gro on Drosera or either product on Utricularia or Genlisea.
I use dyna-gro on my plants every now and then. I use a syringe to measure an exact amount. 0.4ml in a 6 ounce spray bottle for sundews and 1.0 ml for butterworts and pitcher plants. I give them all a heavy misting and for pitchers i spray the soil and inside the pitchers too. Sphagnum seems to like it but if its not already present then it feeds algae and that other "carpet" moss stuff. I have never tried maxsea because i've never found it locally
I've been using the Maxsea 14-18-14 for acid loving plants.
I like spraying 1/16th strength grow_more urea free orchid fert sprayed liberally twice a week. That and 1/4 strength in the pitchers every other week or whenever I feel like it. I have alot of light on my plants though, so that could affect their appetite :p.
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Grow More Urea Free Orchid fertilizer for me too. Been using it since about 2000. Works great on everything (Neps, Utrics, Heli, orchids, succulents, ferns, begonias, etc) I don't grow Drosera or Pings so you'll have to defer to others on those.
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I'd avoid the grow more on dews, they tend to 'dry up' when sprayed with it. Pings, atleast mexican pings respond well to folair feeding though.