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Carnivorous Plant Memes


NECPS Editor
So I'm assuming everybody reading this knows what a "meme" is. If not - google it. I was doing some carnivorous plant research online and stumbled upon this gem. It is NOT mine. I found it hilarious, as I'm also a fan of the movie this clip was taken from (The Big Lebowski).


From browsing the forums I know we've got some very talented and creative people here. I'd love to see some memes (either discovered or homemade) depicting the trials and tribulations of our plant hobby!

also one that is more technical then "look here this plant eats bugs!"

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Brilliant, I can relate to the first and 3rd one especially.
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Lol the dormancy one is so true to many of us especially for those experiencing cp dormancy for the first time!

Found this one on facebook and had me rolling hahaha.
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ErrorEN, may I suggest viagra? :-))
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LOL I love these. I knew this would bring out everyone's inner internet troll.
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Lol the N. Eddy one is to funny lol and the sarr one the dudes face is like all of ours when we get a candy cane shaped sarr lol
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