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Carnivorous Plants Workshop, May 14th, Athens GA

Hi folks,

It's that time again! For those of you in Georgia or willing to make it to the Athens area, I will be teaching the 3rd annual growing carnivorous plants workshop at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia! The workshop will be held on Saturday, May 14th from 9AM to 1PM. It counts for the Garden's Certificate in Native Plants, too!

Essentially, it's my 4-hour crash course in growing the major types of CPs, mostly aimed at getting beginners hooked on the hobby. We have ~10 spots remaining, so please consider signing up. It supports the garden, which is quite actively involved in the conservation of carnivorous plants in Georgia.

And did I mention all participants will get to pot and take home free carnivorous plants propagated at my nursery? Lots of fun--hope to see you there!

Registration/description link: Calendar of Events | State Botanical Garden of Georgia
I wish I could go, but it's best to leave the spots to people just starting with CP's anyway. You might want to mention terraforums if you don't already.
I would go since I consider myself a beginner, but I don't live in Georgia.